Indoor mobile mapping

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Mapping Trolley

With our mapping trolley we map complete buildings in hours at an unmatched cost/quality ratio.

360ºphotos &
3D scans


Access your digital building in 360 º photos and 3D scans from anywhere via our browser-based IndoorViewer.

On any device

Navigation App

Get your location – meter accurate and without the need for new infrastructure.

At your fingertips


Imagine you have your indoor spaces and processes fully digital and online in your own IndoorViewer. You can virtual walk through your own building and have a complete picture of all the rooms, the furniture and the equipment present. Everything in 360 panorama photos and mm accurate in a point cloud.

4Indoor customers get more value out of their buildings and facilities every day by decreasing downtime, improving utilization, and driving costs down. Our mapping and navigation solutions are used in building documentation (safety, insurance), construction, planning & monitoring, facilities management, plant planning & logistics, visitor services, multi-channel retailing, scanning & surveying, and many other use cases.

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3D scan

For Cad/Bim

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