Real Estate & Facility Management

Each project or initiative undertaken by the Facility Manager will have to be developed to either support productivity, innovation, worker satisfaction and positive client perception or reduce costs. With our technology we help our clients meet all their challenging targets.

  • High-resolution panoramas taken every meter capturing every room, and all your furniture and equipment.
  • Give your (potential) customers and visitors an unprecedented exploration of your building
  • Use the indoor viewer as a collaboration platform for internal employees and contractors.
  • Locate and control your assets and maintenance tasks in a virtual environment.
  • Avoid unnecessary travel time and check the information online on any device.

Retail & Shopping malls

4Indoor offers new digital opportunities for the retail industry. We create added value for your customers and we can also help you to better coordinate  and follow all internal processes. Indoor navigation as well as other services make the shopping experience more enjoyable and enriching for the customer and will increase revenues.

  • fill the gap between on- and offline shopping.– affordably and easy
  • Multiply floor space without additional costs: present different product portfolios and inspire your customers
  • Increase sales with innovative virtual shop concepts
  • Target customers and inform about events, provide additional details and offer new deals

Airports, Stations, stadiums, music halls and public offices

Transportation & Public Venues

The volume of travelers in transportation hubs is increasing by the day and the need to better manage, engage and assist travelers is a must. 4Indoor can help you extend the services provided to travelers and discover the business opportunities of a digital transportation hub. Our technology provides an efficient way to create digital maps consisting of dynamic floor plans and photorealistic images, which allow users to find and navigate to desired locations on time.

  • Inform travelers prior to departure and travel more conveniently from the comfort of your home
  • Provide travelers with 2D maps and 360-views for quick orientation
  • Show users the fastest way to desired locations
  • Let retailers promote offers based on a travelers location and profile
  • Push schedule notifications to users

Industry & Production

Production facility layout and design is important in the business’s overall operations. The goal is to maximize effectiveness of the production process and meeting the needs of employees. By ensuring a smooth flow of work, material, and information through the facility.

  • Reduce stand still times, reduce repair and maintenance cost through better preparation, routing and documentation
  • Digitally capture the continuous change and improvement on the production floor. Make improvements traceable.
  • Just in Time deliveries by providing location context to external partners and optimize the flow of work and material
  • Document as is status in production facilities and globally share best practices

7 mio hospital appointments missed each year in the UK. A significant proportion are the result of navigation problems (The Gardian)

Health care

Hospitals and clinical facilities are complex multiple floor buildings and can be stressful areas for visitors and patients in which you want people to feel comfort. Most of the visitors want to reach their destination as fast and as easy as possible, especially in case of emergency. We provide excellent indoor solutions that reduce stress and enhance patient and visitor satisfaction at a cost effective way. We can also help you optimize your internall processes by providing a complete digital image of the entire building.

  • deliver up to date indoor navigation for patients and visitors
  • integrate all services which a hospital offers.
  • optimize staff time by reducing the need to direct and guide visitors
  • Increase revenues by guiding visitors to all commercial services and facilities


Our innovative technology provides insurance companies the possibility  to make a clear zero-measurement of the building. It also gives a simple tool to share information with your policyholder.

  • A complete overview of all the peril points on a map.
  • Link the set of rules, procedures and precautions in the viewer to the risk areas.
  • Simplifies object valuation particularly for objects difficult to access
  • Documentation of peril points before and after countermeasures
  • Information sharing with your customers – incentives for safety improvements