Guide people through your indoor environment and enhance their understanding and experience of the space. Indoor navigation without the need of installing expensive infrastructure like wifi or beacons.

  • Find your way in the most complex buildings
  • Save time finding what you need
  • Create a safer environment for your customers and employees
  • Increase user satisfaction and engagement
  • Improve visitor experience with up-to-date information on their mobile phone

Search – Point of Interests

Search for points of interest and get directions to your destination while receiving relevant information. Adding your own point of interests is easily done with just a few clicks and you decide what is visible.

  • Locate a specific place (store, toilet, emergency exit) in an unknown area
  • Visitors can spend less time searching for building directories
  • Search points of interest by category or object
  • Display specific points of interest on the map and promote highlight

3D scan- for Cad / Bim

Our 3D scans enables you to create and validate a model from a point cloud fast and cost effectively. Delivering the data the next day for a fraction of the cost compared to regular static scanning.

  • The most accurate and fastest way to deliver as-built models.
  • Capture building information modelling (BIM) data at every stage in the construction process.
  • 5mm coloured point clouds in XYZ, PLY, PTZ and LAS formats.
  • Import the point clouds into your software to create 2D & 3D CAD or BIM model

Present- your building and showroom

Give your potential tenants, buyers, users the experience of an unprecedented exploration of the property, in which information can be added to the images. Give them a realistic sense of actually being there.

  • Portray the entire building authentically
  • Fast and cost efficient real estate inspection – offer a virtual tour to get a first impression
  • Save time and money by cutting the number of on-site visits
  • Give your future employees an impression of their new working environment.

Integrate – with existing systems

The indoor viewer is based on open web technologies and ships with a RESTful API. So whether you just want to apply your corporate design or actually build new functionalities and features into the indoor viewer, only your imagination sets the limits.

  • The viewer can be an integral part of your current app and/or website
  • Integrate the indoor viewer in your existing facility management- SAP or other ERP-systems.
  • Without the need of installing new software on every computer.

Link – databases, documents, photos

Provide additional information like pictures, information or interactive content in the viewer. Implement all your safety assets and have up-to-date service and maintenance information.

  • Link product information sheets to objects in the viewer.
  • Improve collaboration with contractors
  • Inspire your customers and link your new creations directly on social media
  • Create and assign maintenance tickets enriched with high-resolution imagery and exact location reference

Business happens indoors!

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